Budget Deck Tech: Stonescar Kalis

Stonescar Kalis is an incredibly fun and easy to build deck based around sacrifice and entomb synergies. Although this deck existed during closed beta, it wasn’t until Bloodrite Kalis received a downgrade from Legendary to Rare that more people started to take a look at brewing with it.

Today we will be analyzing a build that was recently streamed by LightsOutAce on the highly recommended RNG Eternal Twitch channel.

Card Evaluations

First and foremost we should discuss the namesake card of the deck: Bloodrite Kalis. Kalis is one of the more unique weapons in the game. On it’s own, it literally has no Attack or Armor value. For each Unit you can feed to it when Summoned, the Kalis will enter with a +2/+2 boost. This effect scales up very quickly when combined with cards that produce more than one Unit at once.

Grenadin Drone and Assembly Line are the most obvious candidates when attempting to flood the board with numerous throwaway Units. In addition to powering up your Kalis, these cards can also provide some early defense or pressure in a pinch.

For late game defense, few cards are quite as effective as Torrent of Spiders. Once this card is producing 3 or more Deadly Spiders, opposing ground Units will have to pump the breaks for the foreseeable future. I suggest saving this card until you really need to cast it, as it will only get more powerful over time. Subsequent copies will become even more overwhelming, as the Spiders that died from the previous ones will power it up even further.

Slumbering Stone and Dark Wisp are Units that can provide additional value beyond their base body. Although they are useful for blocking duty, they truly shine when sacrificed to Bloodrite Kalis or...

Combus or Devour! These are your bread and butter cheap sacrifice outlets. Combust can trade any random trash Unit for a big threat like Sandstorm Titan or Champion of Chaos. Devour, when combined with Dark wisp, produces a significant boost in card advantage while also healing you slightly. Devour can be a nice trick to play when your opponent is attempting to use a removal spell on one of your Units or when you were otherwise throwing it under the bus as a chump block. Be very wary of opponents in the Justice faction who may look to silence your Dark Wisp or Slumbering stone. Keeping up Devour to answer Desert Marshal or Valkyrie Enforcer is a very important play in a few matchups.

Do you know what is really fun? Stealing an opponent’s Unit for a turn. Do you know what is completely ridiculous? Sacrificing it for value after bashing them with it. Combining Madness with any of your sacrifice outlets is a level of joy that every Eternal player should seek out at least once. This interaction becomes even more degenerate if you manage to steal a Unit with an Entomb effect.

The last card that deserves at least a few words is Smuggler’s Stash. I have mentioned in a previous deck tech that this card is possibly the most powerful card advantage engine in Eternal. In this deck, it is even more supercharged. Not only can you return Units with 2-for-1 potential in Grenadin Drone, Slumbering Stone and Dark Wisp, but returning Kalis can be downright nightmarish for the opponent.

When a Kalis goes to the Void, it maintains the Strength and Armor values it started with. This means that if you make an early 6/6 Kalis, return it with Stash after it has run it’s course, and sacrifice another 3 Units, it will become a 12/12. This interaction is one of the key strengths of this deck and is truly a spectacle to behold. I have personally been able to build a Kalis with over 40 Attack more than once.

A Note About Upgrades

I usually finish off these budget deck tech articles with some upgrade options for the deck. In this case, though, I feel that this deck is actually fully functional and potentially optimized in its current form. This may change as new cards are released, especially new Stonescar oriented Legendaries. For now, though, you should be able to build this deck and feel confident in its level of completeness and competitiveness.

As always, I suggest trying the deck out for yourself and messing around with other cards that you find interesting in this style of deck.